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Software Option: Autofind


Supports up to eight assistants per Autofind group.

When the doctor requires assistance in a room, he double taps (tap tap) the "Assist Light Switch". The light will begin to Slow Blink. The system software will search through the other rooms seeking assist lights that are On. It will change any On lights to Fast Blink and cause a tone to sound from the panels in those rooms. Once alerted, an assistant can determine which room needs assistance by double tapping (tap tap) the Fast Blink switch. It will extinguish momentarily, blip back the room number, and then return to its Fast Blink state. The light can then be canceled to Off by pushing the switch again. The assistant then goes to the Slow Blink light location that requested assistance. Upon entering the room, the assistant will push the switch to advance the light to On indicating his or her presence in the room.

If no assist light is On, the Master Panel will be alerted by a tone and the "Assist Light Switch" from which the signal originated will Slow Blink. If the doctor wishes to bypass the room search, he can hold down the "Assist Light Switch" for two seconds. A tone and Slow Blink light will alert the Master Panel.

If two assistants are found in different rooms, the tone and Fast Blink light will alert both. The first assistant to respond by extinguishing their light switch will cause the other assistant's light to return to On, thus signifying the assist call has been answered. The tone, which accompanies the Fast Blink, light can be programmed as a single or cycling tone.