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Software Option: Call for Assist


When the first Call for Assist switch is pushed inside the exam room , it begins to Slow Blink. A buzzer will sound at the master panel and the status of that particular room will be reflected there and on the outside panel of the exam room. The flashing light indicates the need for an assistant in that exam room. When the assistant enters the room, they push the flashing switch. The light advances to the On state to indicate the call has been met. When the assistant is finished , the switch is pushed again, advancing the light to the Off state, indicating the assist has been completed. The status of the light is reflected on all other panels monitoring Call for Assist status.

If you select the optional Personnel Pager System, the Call For Assist switches can be programmed to activate a numerical pager(s). The page will conveniently indicate the room number that the call originated from. The system can also be pre programmed with a timed interval (increments of 30 seconds) to continually send pages until the Call for Assist switch is advanced to On.