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Software Option: Pop-in Timer


The Pop-in Timer light is used to "pop" a patient into a Doctor Sequence (Who's Next?) group, after a pre programmed time interval has expired. Pressing the switch once turns the timer light On and begins the time down interval. Immediately after the timer light goes On the doctor's light is pressed in order to attach it to the Pop-In Timer. The doctor's light will Blink Once and go Off to indicate it has been attached. Once the timer light expires, the light begins to Slow Blink and the timed patient is "popped" into the top (first patient) or bottom (last patient) of the "Who's Next?" sequence. Placement of the patient, either top or bottom, and the time down interval are pre programmed at the factory. The timer light will continue to Slow Blink until the switch is pressed Off.

The timer light will begin to Fast Blink if the time down interval has been completed, more than 5 minutes has past, and the light has not been turned Off.

The timer light is capable of doubling its preset time interval by pressing the switch twice (tap, tap). For example, if the preset time down interval was 5 minutes and the switched was pressed twice, the timer light would advance to On for a time down interval of ten minutes. You must wait for the timer light to come On before pressing the Doctor Sequence light for proper operation.