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Software Option: Programmable Master

FUNCTION (Individual Programmable Buttons):

There are three Preset Factory Default Programs that have been pre programmed by Varitronics according to your specifications. They are activated by choosing one of the numbered program buttons. The activated switch will go On when pressed and the status of all the other lights in the system will be Off.

Once a particular program has been selected to be the operating program of the system, normal execution can begin. If power is turned off or interrupted for any reason, the W100 microprocessor is equipped with battery backup and will remember the entire status of all system lights including the chosen operating program.

Default programs can be overwritten by the user using the Programmable Master Panel. The program buttons will then be used to select the user's customized programs. A default program can be reinstated at any time by holding a particular program button down for three seconds. The light will go Off then come back On while automatically turning all the other lights in the system Off.

Pick a time to program your system when other personnel are not actively using the system. A light inadvertently activated on a room panel while you are in the programming mode will become part of a sequence. You will need to leave the programming mode in order to cancel a light selected in the wrong sequence.

The number of lights in a color group that is associated with a sequence can be programmed by the user through the programming mode. Two or more sequences can be assigned to one color group.

In order to program one or more sequences to an assigned program button, first press the desired program button once. It will show a status of On. Now, rapidly press the same button twice and the light will begin to Slow Blink. The system is now in the program mode.

Choose any one color and press each one of the switches you desire to be part of the first sequence. Each button pressed will show a status of On. Now press the selected program button once to end the first sequence. The program button will change to the On state for approximately 3 seconds and then resume its Slow Blink state. You can now choose the next group of lights for the second sequence. It can be the same or a different color group as needed.

Note: An individual light or group of lights can not be in two different sequences simultaneously. All On lights chosen as part of a sequence remain throughout the programming procedure for your convenience. Once activated they cannot be canceled until leaving the program mode.

When you have finished programming the second sequence press the program button again once. Wait for it to return to its Slow Blink state and then proceed programming the other sequence in a similar manner.

After you have completed your choices, rapidly press the program button twice. All the lights in the system will return to their Off state. The program button you had originally selected will return to its ON state and your program will be the operating program of the system.

All three program buttons can be programmed in a similar manner and reprogrammed if necessary. Sequenced lights from the default program that were not chosen as part of the new sequence will have an independent status of "blink, on, off" and can be used for communication purposes. All other lights will retain the original state they had in their respective default program.

Note: Do not press any switches that were not sequence lights in the default mode or they will become part of a sequence and lose their preset status until the default program has been restored.