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Software Option: Doctor Sequencing (Next Patient)


When the first Doctor Sequencing switch is pushed at any random location, it begins to Slow Blink; as other switches are pushed they go On. The Slow Blink light represents the patient who has been waiting the longest and is the "Next Patient" the doctor must see. When the doctor enters the room, the Slow Blink switch is pushed again and the light changes to Fast Blink indicating that the doctor has entered the room. The "Next Patient" in the random sequence begins to Slow Blink and all other active lights remain On to indicate the patients that are waiting. When the doctor leaves the room, he pushes the switch again. The light goes Off and he proceeds to the "Next Patient" Slow Blink light.

If the doctor forgets to push the Fast Blink switch when leaving the room and proceeds to the next Slow Blink light, it will go Off instead of Fast Blink when pressed. To correct this from the Off state, the switch must be double tapped twice (tap tap, tap tap). This will automatically turn Off the forgotten light and advance the current light to Slow Blink. This eliminates retracing steps to the last location.

The Doctor Sequencing Function may be installed on any momentary switch in the system.


Any light in the sequence can be made the "Next Patient" location by double tapping (tap tap) the switch, which advances the light to Slow Blink. There is no need for a separate switch for patient priority.

Count Back
The number of waiting patients can be displayed at the doctor's current location by double tapping (tap tap)the Fast Blink switch. The light will extinguish momentarily, blip the number of waiting patients, and return to the Fast Blink state. The light will blip one to six times indicating the number of patients waiting to be seen by the doctor, and then return to the Fast Blink state.