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Software Option: Technician Sequencing (X-ray, Casting, etc.): "Next Patient".


When the first Technician's Sequence light is pushed it begins to Slow Blink; as others are pushed they go On. The Slow Blink light indicates the next patient to be seen by the technician. When the technician is finished and leaves the room, he pushes the light to Off and the "Next Patient" light advances to Slow Blink. All previously lights activated remain On to indicate that patients are waiting. The technician proceeds to the next Slow Blink room and continues as described above, until all lights are Off.

Any location in the sequence can be prioritized as "Next Patient" by simply pressing a technician's light twice rapidly; there is no need for a separate switch to achieve patient priority. The Technician Sequencing function may be installed on any momentary switch contained in the system.