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Software Option: Timer Light


Timer Lights are used to time various procedures. The time interval is pre programmed at the factory according to your specification (from 1-99 minutes). When the timer light is pressed once the light advances to On and the preset interval begins to time down. When the interval is completed the light advances to the Slow Blink state. An optional tone alert can be activated. If more than 5 minutes pass before the timer light is turned Off(after timing down), the light advances to Fast Blink and the tone alert stops. The timer light can be cancelled at any time by pressing the switch once to the Off state.

The timer light is capable of doubling its preset time interval by pressing the switch twice (tap, tap). For example, if the preset time down interval was 5 minutes and the switched was pressed twice, the timer light would advance to On for a time down interval of ten minutes.

The timer light can activate an optional tone alert either individually or as a group. The tone alert is activated when and individual light or any light in a group reaches the Slow Blink state. The tone is silenced when the light is advanced to its Off or Fast Blink state.