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Leading the way with innovative Doctor ~ Nurse Call System technology.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will help me design the best Doctor ~ Nurse Call System for my needs?
Our trained staff. Our experienced sales and engineering consultants will help you custom design the best Doctor ~ Nurse Call System for your practice.

How long will it take to manufacture my Doctor ~ Nurse Call System?
Six to eight weeks from the date we receive your commitment. Contact your sales representative to discuss an appropriate time line for the various phases of your project.

Who will install my Doctor ~ Nurse Call System?
Varitronics Doctor ~ Nurse Call Systems can be installed by any qualified electrical or systems contractor. Contact Varitronics for a qualified estimate for installation.

How much will it all cost?
Your investment in a Varitronics' Doctor ~ Nurse Call System will be determined by your custom design. Your sales consultant can furnish you with a budgetary quote within a day.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa and Master Card.

What kind of warranty do I receive from Varitronics?
Comprehensive. All components and software are guaranteed for a period of five years, excluding bulbs and Pager System (contact us for details). Restrictions Apply: acts of God (lightning, voltage spikes, etc.) and user misuse will void manufacturer's warranty.

Who will service my Doctor ~ Nurse Call System when something goes wrong?
We provide full telephone support for correcting any problems you may encounter. If needed any qualified electrical or systems contractor can service your Varitronics' Doctor ~ Nurse Call System, preferably the company who performed the original installation.