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The Varitronics Installation Process is a seamless process coordinated with your architect, sub-contractor, and/or company installer, to ensure a smooth and efficient installation and testing of your new Call System. Whether new construction, renovation or retro-fit to your present practice, your VIP process will be an easy transition with a working Call System ready to use on your next day of practice. Call today to find out how you can take advantage of the Varitronics Installation Process.
"Our CS2000 has increased our efficiency through patient traffic control, doctor/staff communication and overall management of our facility"
Mark Shampain, M.D. - Allentown, PA
"With the CS2000, myself and my staff have been able to function more and the efficiency has allowed us to increase our number of patients"
Lawrence Singerman, M.D. - Beachwood, OH
"We purchased the Varitronics Inc. Call System light system about ten years ago. Every day it saves us many steps and staff time by directing us where we are needed next. Your light call system has been virtually maintenance free for these ten years. I just wanted to take the time to tell you that we are very satisfied with your product and extremely impressed with youe service. Thank you very much!"
Drs. Jolley, Fronk, Gibson, Van Buskirk, Cooper and Remick - Jackson, CA

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