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Hard Wired Doctor ~ Nurse Call Systems
From simple analog to advanced microprocessor based systems.

Software Options
Sequencing, Automessaging, Autofind and more, plus custom software written to your specifications.

CS2000 Doctor ~ Nurse Call Systems
Instantaneously monitor and signal personnel from any unit. User programmable. Just Plug it in.

Personnel Pager System
Send coded messages to personnel anywhere in the building. They'll automatically know what room they're needed in.

PGX-7000 Paging System
Stand alone keypad system can also be integrated with our hardwired Doctor ~ Nurse Call Systems.

All Station Intercom
Conference calling and communication between two stations.

Emergency Call System: UL 1069 ApprovedNew
The quintessential Emergency Call System with many features and capabilities, plus UL 1069 compliant

Staff Registry Panels: SRS-234New
Instantaneous recognition of any staff member on premises, plus "Message Waiting" notification upon entry.

Town Council SystemNew
Finally, a light system that addresses the two most important requests for town council meetings: visual voting results, and 'next speaker?'.

Custom Designed Systems for Systems Contractors
Let Varitronics provide the solution to your next nonverbal communications project.
National Systems Contractors Association

Replacement Parts For Doctor ~ Nurse Call Systems
Bulbs, Extractor, Lens Caps, etc.

Visit Our Ophthalmic Products Division
Ophthalmic Control Systems and O.R. Products.

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