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Interoffice Communication Design Questionnaire

 City, State, Zip:  ,  , 

Person to contact: 
            Phone:   Email: 

    Facility Factors:             Staff: 
No. of Each

Exam Rooms Doctors
Laser Nurses
Specialty Assistants
Minor Proc. Technicians
Dr's Office P.A.
Nurse Stations Business
Reception Receptionist
Other (please specify below) Other (please specify below)
Architecture: Type Building: Existing Remodel New Construction Type Ceiling: Drop Sheet Rock Crawl Space Plenum Air Return Duct Return Architect: Space Planner: Builder: Inter-office Traffic: 1. Approximately how many patients do you see in a day? 2. How do patients get from the waiting room to the clinical area? Receptionist finds assistant and informs of patient arrival. Assistant routinely checks reception for charts. Other(please explain below). 3. How do you know which patient is next to see? I ask someone. Someone tells me. Other(please explain below). 4. How do you call for assistance from an exam room? I ask someone. Someone tells me. Use phone. Other(please explain below). 5. Do you need to see any patients for a second time after a
special procedure is performed? Yes No Telephone Communication: 1. How many phone calls do you take during the work day? 2. What type of phone calls do you take during the work day? Consult Spouse Patient Emergency Other(please explain below). 3. How are you informed of an important phone call? Receptionist finds me and informs me. Receptionist uses intercom. Message paged throughout office. Emergency Other(please explain below). Future Expansion: 1. How many staff members do you contemplate adding in the next
two years?
Drs Asts Bus Other Not Adding 2. Will you be adding any rooms to your facility in the next
five years?
Exams Offices Other Not Adding