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All New SRS-234 Staff Registry System brochures
From Varitronics

Varitronics' Staff Registry PanelVaritronics' Staff Registry Panel Varitronics' new staff register, the SRS-234, introduces an efficient means to verify the presence of various staff members on duty. A sleek, well designed active panel, with easily readable signage, is placed at the entrances of any facility. Other active and "monitor only" panels are placed conveniently throughout the facility for fast and easy identification of staff members.

The staff register system can easily notify personnel of any messages waiting for them, as they arrive at the facility. A simple, yet effective "On/Blink/Off" system is used.

Switch Panel Monitor Panel

Key Features:
  • On Premises Indicator
  • Message Waiting For Staff Members
  • Clearly Readable Signage
  • Three standard size panels: 20, 30, 40 members
  • Custom Sizes
  • And More
Staff Light Key:
  • On = Staff Member On Premises.
  • Blinking = Message Waiting.
  • Off = Staff Member Off Premises.