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Town Council System Photo Gallery Tech Spec

Finally, a light system that addresses the two most important requests for town council meetings: visual voting results, and "next speaker?". The TC-10 incorporates sleek, three light momentary switch panels that can be desk mounted or installed on a standard, single gang back box. Each panel allows a council member to press a switch to enter the 'speaker's queue'. A slow blinking light on the master control panel allows the presiding council member to know who is the next speaker. Lights that are on , represent council members waiting to speak. A microprocessor conveniently keeps track of the order of the speakers. Turn the blinking light off, and the next light in the queue begins blinking. Simple, elegant, and orderly.

When it's time to vote, it's as simple as pressing a switch. Green indicates 'yeah', red indicates 'nay'. The voting annunciator allows the audience to see the vote of each individual council member. The master control panel also reflects the voting status and the entire panel can be cleared with one push of the reset button.

Panels are available in custom colors. The voting annunciator is available in either a flush mount or surface mount configuration. The is entire system is customizable to the member count you require.

Typical Layout: TC-10 Town Council System

Varitronic's Town Council System

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