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33 Years of Experience Designing Custom
Non-verbal Communications Systems.

Light Systems

Varitronics' Staff Registry Panels

For over 30 years, Varitronics Inc. has been custom designing non-verbal communication systems for the system contractor. We specialize in the 'unusual application' that requires both custom hardware and software, as well as standard light communication systems. Having created systems for the airlines industry, the judicial system, the medical clinic, to the local town council, we have helped many system contractors design and satisfy their customer's unique needs.

We feel confident that the solution to your next communications project is a phone call away........1-800-345-1244.

    Custom Designed Systems
  • Custom Light Panels
  • Custom Software
  • Interoffice Paging
  • Registry Systems
  • 'Passenger in Line'
    Management Systems


    For Custom Applications
  • Medical Clinic
  • Airline Ticket Counter
  • Town Council
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Court House