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Technical Specifications

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Ophthalmic Products:

Ophthalmic Control Systems

Z9000 Desk Top Unit
Z9000-1P One piece,cabinet mount unit.
Z9001-2P Push Button Control Unit for two piece, cabinet mount unit.
FW9001-2P Front Well Unit for Z9001-2P.
TW9001-2P Top Well Unit for Z9001-2P.
CB9001 Control Box for Z9001-2P.
PDFZ9001-2P Schematic Wiring diagram for all Z9001 desk mounted units.
PDFZ9000 Desk Top Schematic Wiring diagram for Z9000 desk top unit and Z9000-1P.
PDFZ9000 Manual Manual includes schematics above.

Angled Desk Cabinet (for Varitronics equipment)
Hutch (for Varitronics equipment)

Ophthalmic O.R. Products
Nevyas Drape Retractor
Custom Medication labels
Nevyas 360º Fixation Light
    PDFUser's Instructions
    PDFInstallation Instructions
    Adaptive Ring