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37 Years Of Designing
Innovative Ophthalmic Products.

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Z9000 Opthalmic
Control Systems

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Varitronics' Ophthalmic Products

Varitronics, a leader in innovative product design, has been supplying ophthalmic products to the medical industry for more than thirty years. Our ophthalmic control systems and O.R. products are utilized in hundreds of medical offices and hospital clinics throughout the United States. In today's managed care environment, our goal is to enhance productivity and efficiency, while increasing profitability.

Why Varitronics' Control Systems and O.R. Products?
The answers are simple...

New Exciting Options
From the new Z900 Series of ophthalmic control systems to the Nevyas 360º Fixation Target, Varitronics continues its history of innovation.

Experience With Foresight
Our team of engineers, programmers, and product designers have created an array of ophthalmic products to meet your specific needs. Call us today at our toll free number, 1-800-345-1244.