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Nevyas Operative Keratometer/360º Fixation Light

An adaptor ring may be required for your microscope.
If your model is unlisted, contact Varitronics:
Inside U.S. call 1 800 345 1244
Outside U.S. call 1 610 356 3995.

Nevyas Operative Keratometer Adaptor Rings
Microscope ModelRing Adaptor
Leica 500 & 690 VAR-RA7
Leica 840VAR-RA8
Marco SurgiscopeVAR-RA7
Moller Wedel 700VAR-RA5
Moller Wedel 900VAR-RA6
TOPCON OM75None Required
Zeiss 150 & 200None Required
Zeiss OPMI CSNone Required
Zeiss OPMI MDONone Required
Zeiss OPMI MDUNone Required
Zeiss Retrolux 3VAR-RA2
Zeiss Retrolux CSNone Required
Zeiss Retroskop 2VAR-RA3
Zeiss Retroskop CSVAR-RA4
Zeiss VISU seriesNone Required