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Opthalmic Control Systems: Z9000 series.New From Varitronics
Automatically control you room and fixation lighting.

Custom Cabinetry
Customized modular cabinets for your existing ophthalmic cabinetry.

Nevyas 360º Fixation Device
New advanced concept in the operative fixation target.

Chan Wristrest
Stabilization for the eye surgeon's hands.

Surgical Stool
Ideal stool for the eye surgeon.

Disposable Surgical Aids can now be ordered over the internet.

Click here to order Disposable Products.
Drape Retractors
Elevate the surgical drape for patient comfort.

Eye Dentifiers
Unmistakably identify the correct eye for surgery.

Custom Medication Labels
Avoid incorrect medications in the O.R.

Visit Our Communications Division
Call Systems: Light Communications Systems, Interoffice Paging Systems, Infrared Tracking Systems, All Station Intercom, Staff Registry Panels.

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