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Fixation Device
Nevyas Operative Keratometer
Varitronics presents an advanced concept in the operative fixation target, the new Nevyas Operative Keratometer/360º Fixation Light. This device helps keep the eye steady by giving the patient a comfortable fixation point, and it protects the fovea by giving the patient a non-dazzling target. This target can also achieve good fixation for "no forceps" keratotomy surgery.

This movable fixation target light with sterlizable handle can be set off-center as needed. This is particularly useful when the surgeon needs to fixate the eye downward for a more convenient surgical approach to the 12 o'clock position or for the side to allow the surgeon optimal visualization as with limbal astigmatic keratotomy incisions.

The instrument includes an operative keratometer consisting of a built-in bright LED ring light which provides immediate direct preoperative confirmation of the proper meridian for astigmatic cuts and the most advantageous location of the cataract incision to minimize postoperative astigmatism.

The fixation light is perfectly centered in the keratotomy ring whenever it is pushed maximally inward from any position on the circumference of the ring. The combination of the movable fixation light and keratometer ring allow perfection of astigmatic surgery by aliquots as the surgeon performs a certain amount of surgery, visualizes the keratometric result and then performs further surgery until the keratometer ring has become circular. It provide "what you see is what you get" technology for operative astigmatism surgery.